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LGBTQ* Hollywood and the Rest of the Story

László Ede Almásy’s Love Affair That Wasn’t

1996’s The English Patient:

(based on the novel by Sri Lankan-Canadian writer Michael Ondaatje) 

A French-Canadian nurse cares for Count László Ede Almásy, a burn victim, while he recounts his illicit love affair with his friend’s wife, their torrid affair and her death before dying himself (thinking fondly of here).

The Real László Ede Almásy:

Well, first off, László Ede Almásy was gay.

He was in love with a German Army officer during the war. He wasn’t burned, nor did he die at the end of WWII. Almásy went on to become a Soviet spy. 


…huh.  Why not just write a story with a made-up person in it, if you’re going to fuck up his story so much?

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