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#jesus fuck #you know the first time i watched this scene i only liked it on a surface level #now that i have seen gifs of it and meta do i realize that it’s sexual as fuck #like i thought the lydia thing was awfulness but #in retrospect that was telegraphed ahead of time #because this scene is the first example of Peter Skeeving On A Helpless Teenager #and then things just get worse #peter there are adults you hate why do you save the skeeve for minors

Peter saves the skeeve for people he likes.


If someone writes a story where Peter has always been like this, that he used to—used to—I can’t even say it! That there was a reason that Derek was so vulnerable to Kate, that he still can’t really look Peter in the eye, I’m going to go hide in a box in my closet and never come out.

Helen, you can’t just drop that and run.  I KNOW WHERE YOU LIVE, LADY.  (Oh, god, I want that story almost as much as I DO NOT WANT THAT STORY.)

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